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This site conforms to all the W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines Priority 1, 2 & 3 automatic checkpoints (http://webxact.watchfire.com/). To aid assisitive devices and visually impaired users the site makes use of fluid layout, access keys, tabindexes and a text-only mode.

You can tab through all of the links on the pages in a logical order.

The text only version of this website contains the same content as the graphical version. Its size can be changed easily by users who want to read very large print. The text only version also displays on small screens which may not accommodate the graphical version.

Access Keys enable navigation from the keyboard or other assistive device, normally using the alt-key followed by a number or letter.

This site makes use of the following access keys, to enable effective keyboard navigation:

alt T = Text only mode
alt G = Graphic mode
alt 1 = Home (UK Goverment Access Key Standard)
alt 2 = PDF of CV
alt 3 = Portfolio
alt 4 = Contact Form
alt 0 = Access key information (this page)(UK Goverment Access Key Standard)
alt S = Skip nav (UK Goverment Access Key Standard)

If for any reasons you have difficuly using this site, please e-mail me by clicking here or using the form on the right.